Åhus training camp

4 02 2013

Between Thursday and Sunday I was in Åhus together with my club to get some good technical O-trainings. We did 7 trainings on mostly really nice maps.

My aim was to find the correct speed for my orienteering since I had some problems with that during the first World Cup round in New Zealand. The terrain around Åhus is really fast and open so I tried to focus on keeping my head up and trust my compass. I manage to do some sessions with really good flow and I think that I was pretty close my maxium speed on the relay training we did at map ”Kronoskogen” with a course signed Helena Jansson.

Unfortunately I forgot to download the GPS-files from my GPS watch to my computer during the training camp, so now when I came home and I was going to Quickroute every training there were just the two latest left, and none of the funniest ones. You can still see the maps below, but with no routes.  I could draw the routes by myself but there were mostly no route choices – just straight on.

1. Part of a long distance run on Sunday morning (GPS)
2. The Relay training in Kronoskogen. Re start after each short course.
3. The first training near Örkelljunga in easy speed
4. Long distance training in Ryssberget
5. Contour-O in Äspet

130203_furuboda   IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004



One response

4 02 2013
maria m

asså åhus… man älskart!


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