Lucka 2: Driving back home.

2 12 2012

The training camp is over and we are driving back home.

This year has been a lot of travelling and I’ve not been so much at home. I’ve calculated the days that I’ve been somewhere else than sleeping in my apartment in Göteborg and yes, It’s been a lot of days.

I’ve been away for 193 days.
But this is nothing if I compare to Tove Alexandersson and Øystein Kvaal Østerbø I guess… 😉 Anyway here is my list:

November 2011:
– Orsa training camp + Swedish National team camp

December 2011:
– 10-mila training camp in Borensberg
– Visiting Jonas in Switzerland
– Holiday in Tanzania

Januray 2012:
– Holiday in Tanzania
– Training camp with Tisaren in Hallsberg/Borensberg

February 2012:
– Swedish Team training camp Åhus
– GMOK training camp Portugal

March 2012:
– Visiting Jonas in Switzerland
– Danish Spring in Denmark
– Swedish Team training camp in Switzerland

April 2012:
– Visiting Jonas in Switzerland
– 10-mila training camp/Stigtomta relay Östergötland
– Silva League Vallentuna

May 2012:
– Silva League + 10-mila Linköping/Borensberg
– European Championships Dalarna
– Silva League final in Hälsingland

June 2012:
– Jukola in Finland
– Visiting Jonas in Switzerland
– World Cup races + WOC training camp in Switzerland

July 2012:
– Visiting Jonas in Switzerland
– World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland
– O-ringen in Halmstad

August 2012:
– Visiting Jonas in Switzerland
– SM sprint in Gävle

September 2012:
– Nordic O-tour in Norway, Sweden and Finland
– WOC 2013 training camp in Finland
– SM longdistance Gästrikland
– SM middle and relay in Gästrikland

October 2012:
– 25-manna relay in Stockholm
– Smålandskavlen in Småland

This is the life of an elite athlete.


Portugal O-meeting in February




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