Lucka 1: 10-mila

1 12 2012

1st of December. And it is snow outside today when I woke up at a hostel north of Stockholm. 

GMOK is on 10-mila training camp and the first step towards the competition in the beginning of May next year is taken.

The last two years GMOK’s first girls team managed the 9th (2011) and the 8th (2012) place. 2011 I was really happy even if I did a mistake in the end that made it a little bit too exciting against Ulricehamn (Maja Alm) and Sävedalen (Silje Ekroll Jahren) in the end. This year Silje got revenge on me and finished the position just before.

I have run the last legs for GMOK in all relays since 2008 (except for some 25-manna relays) and I’ve done a lot of good performances, but during 2012 I’m not happy with my races except from Danish Spring (and the EOC relay even if that was in the Swedish dress). I’ve mostly done good, but there has always been one or two bigger mistakes, which destroyed the race.

I think it’s because I feel more pressure because I’ve become much better, but not the best, yet, and I don’t believe in myself 100% and I think that I have to do something extra. But I don’t! One more explanation to this is that my focus this year was more individual and earlier my relay motivation has been there by itself, but now, after all relays 2012 I realized that I lost this special relay feeling on my individual way towards the European Champs. At 10-mila I thought it was still there, but it wasn’t and I wasn’t prepared for it. I started to realize this when I became more and more tired during the autumn and it was a big relief to run the 1st leg at 25-manna. I got a new challenge and I had to prepare for it. And I could run with joy.

Back to 10-mila. We have a strong team, and we are all young (middle age 23 in the team from 2012) so we are surely on our way towards the top.  And for me, maybe, there will be a new challenge on the big relays next year. Who nows. Whatever the challenge will be, I will be prepared, cause now I’ve learnt (the hard way) what I need to do.


The girls in the 1st team for 2012. Middle age of 23. Will it be the same team for 2013? Or will some other girls in the club fight for this spots? I really hope so! That fight will make us stronger!




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